Aleluya (Alleluia)


A setting of the Alleluia, written for the Viking Chorus of St. Olaf College.



Composer’s Notes:

I composed this piece at the end of 2008 wanting to reflect real happiness – not only in a spiritual way, but total happiness at being alive and thankful for each day and moment.

I wrote this piece remembering all the sensations I experienced driving from Minneapolis to St. Olaf College – the marvelous landscapes, smelling the various forest scents, seeing the different images and evening colors, buying some marvelous apples at an apple farm, sharing my chocolate bar with a friendly squirrel, the sound of the outdoor wind chimes at St. Olaf College and, most of all, the great energy I felt when I heard the sonorous Viking Choir rehearsing with Chris Aspaas.

All of these great and small moments show me that God and the Holy Spirit can be in spiritual ‘things’ like choral music as well as ‘things’ like a flowering pollen seed. I could not imagine any other word or poem that would show my inner feelings like this amazing and eternal word. No translation is needed because love, spiritual love, is the same in every language: ¡ALELUYA! ¡ALLELUIA! ¡HALLELUJAH! — Jorge Córdoba

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