¡Cantaré! (I Will Sing)


Based on a poem by Jorge Mansilla, “Pasar la Vida” explores the themes of exile, travel, and home.



Composer’s Notes:
¡Cantaré! is a song inspired by Mariachi music or Music of the West. Literally everyone in the world has seen a mariachi band on TV or in a movie. There are mariachis in Japan, Russia, Spain, and of course in the United States. However, the music played by these ensembles, known for their big hats and charro suits, has little to do with the original mariachi sound.

Mariachi sound is a musical tradition born in the wide-ranging Mexican west, which encompasses parts of the states of Jalisco, Nayarit, Michoacán, and Colima. In its origin, this music is related to Spanish dances of the 17th and 18th centuries. Over time, and as a result of the peculiar way of life of the residents of these states, these dances morphed into a music that displays a lifestyle that is simultaneously happy and brave.

¡Cantaré! is the name of the program that VocalEssence has developed with the purpose of showing, affirming, and enjoying Hispanic culture.

¡Cantaré! (I Will Sing)

Cantaré, cantaré,
Al compás de este alegre son,
Cantaré, cantaré
Cantaré con el corazón.
Voz de madera
Voz de metal
Voz de los mares
Voz de coral
Yo les vengo a cantar
A los hermanos
Que están aquí
Les traigo flores
Cantos de mi país
Flores de mi país
Cantos de mi país.
—Jesús Echevarría

I will sing, I will sing,
To the beat of this happy song,
I will sing, I will sing,
I will sing with my heart.
Voice of wood
Voice of metal
Voice of the seas
Voice of the choir
I come to sing to you
To my Brothers
Who are here
I brought flowers
Songs from my country
Flowers from my country
Songs from my country.
—Translation by Jesús Echevarría

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