Nido de Amor (Love Nest)


The melody and text of “Nido de Amor” are written for children and echo the themes of balance and well-being for Planet Earth.



Composer’s Notes:

The melody and text of “Nido de Amor” are written for children and coupled with my concern for recovery of balance and well being of our Planet Earth. I think a common desire of mankind has been largely to conquer and rule part or most of our Planet Earth, showing us again and again that it is impossible when faced with disasters that do not respect borders and peoples! But rather than continue to want to conquer, we need to align ourselves with the Earth. Taking care of your resources and being aware of the many forms of animal and plant life that are becoming extinct, people need to re-learn our perceptions of the Earth as a living thing that feeds us every day, that holds us and gives life to all who live.

— Lilia Vázquez Kuntze


Nido de Amor

Es un nido de amor
Pían ya las crías
Mamá pájaro llegó
Las atiende ya

Y con gran ternura
Pico a pico alimentó
Las pequeñas aves
Que pronto van a volar

Salta pronto de tu nido
Aletea muy veloz
Porque el viento esta contento
Y contigo va a jugar
    —Lilia Vázquez Kuntze

Love Nest

It is a nest of love
The chicks are chirping
Mother bird has come
She cares for them now

And with great tenderness
She feeds them one by one
The tiny birds
That will soon fly away

Fly from your nest soon
Beat your wings quickly
For the wind is happy
And will play with you.
     —Translation by Katie Villaseñor

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