VocalEssence ¡Cantaré! Series

Celebrating rich Mexican musical traditions, VocalEssence ¡Cantaré! is a cross-cultural exchange program connecting composers from Mexico with students of all ages across the metropolitan area.

Beginning in 2008, VocalEssence began offering the ¡Cantaré! program to Minnesota school, church and community choruses. More than 60 new works have been commissioned and premiered through ¡Cantaré! — and from these works, several newly-published scores are now available to you through VocalEssence Music Press.

Through ¡Cantaré!, selected composers from Mexico participate as artists-in-residence with elementary schools, high schools, colleges and community organizations. The composers work directly with student choirs and community choruses throughout the year, becoming familiar with the ensembles and writing new music specifically for each. At the end of the school year, community and school partners present world premieres of new music in concert.

Browse Works in the VocalEssence ¡Cantaré! Series:

Aleluya (Alleluia)

Composer: Jorge Córdoba
A setting of the Alleluia, written for the Viking Chorus of St. Olaf College.

Cantate Domino (Sing to the Lord)

Composer: Jesús López
An uplifting anthem sung in Spanish, perfect for children’s and church choirs.

Cantos de Primavera (Songs of Spring)

Composer: Diana Syrse
A festive piece, with light character about the season of Spring.

Cara de Pingo (The Boy with the Wicked Face)

Composer: Diana Syrse
A song of heartbreak, sung in a pre-Hispanic language and based on a Mexican folk theme.

El Barquito de Papel (Little Paper Boat)

Composer: Jesús López
This piece is one movement from Suite for Children, a set of four songs for children set to poetry by Mexican writers.

En Paz (At Peace)

Composer: Jesús López
This piece is an introspective reflection by the poet Amado Nervo on his own life.

La Ofrenda (The Offering)

Composer: Sabina Covarrubias
In the Mexican tradition of “The Day of the Dead,” a child remembers his grandfather.

Muchas Gracias (Many Thanks)

Composer: Jesús Echevarría
A song using a popular Mexican greeting with a polka rhythm.

Nido de Amor (Love Nest)

Composer: Lilia Vázquez Kuntze
The melody and text of “Nido de Amor” are written for children and echo the themes of balance and well-being for Planet Earth.

Pasar la Vida (Hymn to Life)

Composer: Jorge Cózatl
Based on a poem by Jorge Mansilla, “Pasar la Vida” explores the themes of exile, travel, and home.

Velero de Papel (Little Sailboat)

Composer: Jesús López
This piece is one movement from Suite for Children, a set of four songs for children set to poetry by Mexican writers.

Xtoles (K’ay yum K’in/Canto al Sol /Song to the Sun)

Composer: Jorge Cózatl
An arrangement of a traditional Mayan song, sung in the ancient Mayan language.

¡Cantaré! (I Will Sing)

Composer: Jesús Echevarría
¡Cantaré! is a song inspired by Mariachi music.

¿Quién me compra una naranja? (Who will buy me an orange?)

Composer: Rodrigo Michelet Cadet Diaz
A song of sadness, with text by José Gorostiza.