Marciano Silva dos Santos

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Marciano Silva Dos Santos is a native of Brazil, Founder, Dancer, Choreographer and Artistic Director of Contempo Physical Dance based in Minnesota. He studied theater and dance at FAFI, a professional performing arts school in Vitória, Brazil.

After his dramatic performance of the moon character in Lorca’s Blood Wedding, he began to observe and study the body in order to develop his own dance vocabulary, a precise handling, authentic and technically defined movement style based on his own personal research.

In 2006 he was recognized by the American Folkloric Society as a Brazilian folk artist of unique and exceptional ability, and since that time he has been sharing his expertise with the Minnesota dance community. Through an invitation by Patrick Scully of Patrick’s Cabaret and Toni Pierce-Sands and Uri Sands, he joined TU Dance, led by Toni and Uri, where he was a company member for five years. He also danced for Stuart Pimsler Dance & Theater and in Penumbra Theatre’s Black Nativity. Marciano quickly gained recognition for the high quality of his professional work. He was named “Best Dancer” by City Pages in 2009 and “one of the most graceful movers on any Twin Cities stage” by the Star Tribune in 2010.