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Brandon Commodore

Drummer/Music Producer Brandon Commodore is a talented musician, producer and businessman. Brandon’s passion for music started at a very young age, when he picked up drumsticks and followed very close in his father’s footsteps; playing in school bands and continuing his music studies…  Read more »

Artist Workshops

VocalEssence offers WITNESS partner schools the opportunity for their students to interact with one of our VocalEssence Teaching Artists. Teaching Artists explore the yearly program theme through their artistic discipline, creating an integrative academic experience for students combining the study…  Read more »

CONCERT: Deep Roots


Join us as we honor the deep musical roots from which VocalEssence WITNESS sprang 30 years ago. Guiding you on the journey through spirituals, jazz, gospel, and soul will be homegrown artists—singers, actors, dancers—including two-time Billboard Gospel chart-topper Jovonta Patton…  Read more »


Our staff is small but mighty. A combination of well-known leaders in the music industry, experts in non-profit management, and administrative dynamos, we ensure VocalEssence lives up to its reputation as one of the leading arts organizations in the nation….  Read more »

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