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A measured breath, but no rest for Golden Valley music mogul

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byAlaina Rooke | December 5, 2018: https://www.hometownsource.com/sun_post/community/a-measured-breath-but-no-rest-for-golden-valley-music/article_74816f46-f75e-11e8-9af1-b771ceaf37f4.html Top Minnesota choir director and longtime resident Philip Brunelle looks to 50th year   “One of my mottos is you don’t know if you don’t ask,” explained Philip Brunelle of attracting top guest talent to…  Read more »

Choral legend lands in Minnesota with music composed especially for VocalEssence

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By Terry Blain Special to the Star Tribune APRIL 19, 2018 — 11:49AM http://www.startribune.com/choral-legend-lands-in-minnesota-with-music-composed-especially-for-vocalessence/480270893/ Englishman John Rutter is a phenomenon in the world of choral music, celebrated worldwide for the easy melodiousness of his music — and the joy it brings…  Read more »

VocalEssence serves up fresh Christmas music by Minnesota composers

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By Terry Blain Special to the Star Tribune DECEMBER 5, 2017 — 11:12 AM http://www.startribune.com/vocalessence-serves-up-fresh-christmas-music-by-minnesota-composers/462093203/   Musically speaking, Christmas can be an excuse for endless stuck-in-a-loop recycling. Concerts are packed with carols we’ve heard hundreds of times before, served up as…  Read more »

Worthington Daily Globe: Tying music with culture

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By: Jane Turpin Moore, Worthington Daily Globe Photo Credit: Worthington Daily Globe September 15, 2010, WORTHINGTON — “You have to roll the ‘r’ a little bit more,” suggests Diana Syrse to the 74 members of the Worthington High School (WHS)…  Read more »

Birmingham Post: Essence of Music in Choral Singing

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Birmingham Post: Essence of music in choral singing Jan 13 2009 Leading American choral conductor Philip Brunelle talks to Terry Grimley ahead of his choir’s visit to Birmingham. ——————————– As well as giving the world such pop luminaries as Bob…  Read more »

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