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Emma Jirele

Learning and Engagement Manager Emma Jirele joined the team at VocalEssence in the summer of 2023. As Learning and Engagement Manager, Emma provides operational leadership and logistical support to community and school initiatives, such as VocalEssence Singers Of This Age, WITNESS, the Longfellow School Program, and additional school partnerships. Emma was first exposed to…  Read More

VocalEssence Strategic Plan 2022-2025

VocalEssence celebrates singing as an essential human expression. Artistic quality, passion for singing together, and reputation for engaging people are hallmarks of our impact. As our community changes, we have developed this strategic plan to address our future in three key areas, keeping singing together at the center of our work.

Singers posing on stage

The Mendelssohns Digital Concert Program

FEATURING: VocalEssence Chorus VocalEssence Ensemble Singers VocalEssence Singers Of This Age Nicholas Chalmers, tenor Maria Jette, soprano High School Festival Choir featuring singers from: Albert Lea High School, Diane Heaney, director Robbinsdale-Armstrong High School, Stephanie Trump & Corey Cellurale, directors St . Michael Albertville High School, Joe Osowski & Paige Armstrong, directors Mary Jo Gothmann,…