The Children's Orchard

Season 2016-2017
Performance Date October 16, 2016
Performance Year 2016
Performance Time 4:00PM
Location Central Lutheran Church, Minneapolis, MN
Performance Title The Voyage
Composer Larsen Libby
Title Of Work Quilt Songs
Country United States
Year Composed 2016
Timing 4min 23sec

VocalEssence Ensemble Singers

Text Translation

In the full sun. In the fruitfall season. Against my knees the earth and the bucket, and the soft blue prunes echoing red echoing purple echo in the silver bucket sun, and over the flames of the earth the sun flies down. Over my head the little trees tremble alive in their black branches and bare ribbed boys golden and shouting stoop here to gather the blue, the wild-red, the dark. Colors of ripeness in the fruitfall season. I will remember the last light on the lowest branch. Will see these trees as they were in spring, wild black rooted in light, Root-deep in noon, the piercing yellow noon of mustard blossom. Sun breathing on us the scent of heat, richness of air where my hands know blue, full summer, strong sun. I tell you harvest. Muriel Rukeyser

Categories World Premiere
VocalEssence Commission
VocalEssence Music Press

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