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George Crum | 28 Days of Black Excellence

On today’s episode of 28 Days of Black Excellence we feature inventor and chef George Crum (originally George Speck), credited with inventing the potato chip. Our musical pairing is “I Heard it Through the Grapevine,” by Norman Whitfield and Barrett Strong, made popular by Marvin Gaye, Gladys Knight, and the Pips. George Crum aka George…  Read More

Harriet Powers | 28 Days of Black Excellence

On today’s episode of 28 Days of Black Excellence we feature American folk artist and quilter, Harriet Powers, who weaved stories into her art to pass stories to future generations. Our musical pairing is “We are Climbing Jacob’s Ladder,” a traditional Negro Spiritual by a hidden figure. Harriet Powers (1837-1910) Notable Achievements: Although not recognized during…  Read More

Katherine Johnson | 28 Days of Black Excellence

  On today’s episode of 28 Days of Black Excellence we feature famous mathematician Katherine Johnson, whose mathematical calculations helped send Apollo 11 to the moon. Our musical pairing is “I Got a Robe,” a traditional Negro Spiritual. Katherine Johnson (1918-2020) Notable Achievements: Presidential Medal of Freedom, Silver Snoopy award, NASA Group Achievement Award, Congressional…  Read More

Dr. Percy Lavon Julian | 28 Days of Black Excellence

  On today’s episode of 28 Days of Black Excellence we feature Dr. Percy Lavon Julian. Despite considerable persecution due to segregation and racism throughout his life, Percy Julian became a steroid chemist and an entrepreneur who ingeniously figured out how to synthesize important medicinal compounds from abundant plant sources, making them more affordable to…  Read More

Frederick McKinley Jones | 28 Days of Black Excellence

On today’s episode of 28 Days of Black Excellence we feature local Minnesotan, Frederick McKinley Jones, an inventor best known for the development of refrigeration equipment used to transport food and blood during World War II. His invention radically altered American consumer’s eating habits; now people could eat eat fresh produce across the United States during…  Read More

Dr. Charles Drew | 28 Days of Black Excellence

  On this Valentine’s Day, GPS highlights the outstanding accomplishments of Dr. Charles Drew, who is responsible for the creation of what we’ve come to know as “blood banks.” We turn to Aretha Franklin for our musical inspiration which melds our faith in the Creator and love for each other in one classic song that…  Read More

Lloyd Agustus Hall | 28 Days of Black Excellence

Join GPS for the 13th installment in our series highlighting Black excellence. Today we honor the work of Lloyd Augustus Hall, a pioneer in the food preservation industry. The perfect musical pairing on this Valentine’s weekend–how about a little Four Tops and “Sugar Pie Honey Bunch (I can’t help myself)“? Join us! Lloyd Augustus Hall…  Read More

Mark E. Dean | 28 Days of Black Excellence

Happy Friday! Today marks the twelfth day of 28 Days of Black Excellence created by VocalEssence Associate Conductor G. Phillip Shoultz, III. Phillip highlights the work of Mark E. Dean, computer scientist and engineer, who helped develop a number of landmark technologies for IBM, including the color PC monitor and the first gigahertz chip. He…  Read More

Karla Nweje

Karla Nweje is an arts educator, choreographer, performer, and literary artist known for cultivating partnerships across organizations and programs to make quality arts experiences accessible to all learners. Karla is a regular presenter and speaker at arts and education conferences and serves on the teaching artist roster for many organizations.

Ginger Commodore

Ginger Commodore is a singer, songwriter, and actress who enjoys an illustrious career in the Twin Cities area. An original member of the Grammy Award winning Sounds of Blackness and the Moore by Four vocal jazz ensemble, Ginger has shared the stage with countless stars and has taken her inspirational performances around the globe. Click…

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VocalEssence WITNESS Classroom Resource Hub

Welcome from the LEARNING AND ENGAGEMENT TEAM Thank you for registering for VocalEssence WITNESS! Enjoy these free resources funded by institutions and individual donors. Scroll down to view video workshops and accompanying resources created by the VocalEssence Teaching Artists and Associate Conductor | Director of Learning and Engagement, G. Phillip Shoultz, III.

Celebrating Black Excellence

VocalEssence is celebrating Black Excellence. As part of its daily pandemic show, Take 5 with GPS, VocalEssence will showcase Black achievement in the arts and beyond each day of Black History Month, and will celebrate notable Black Women for each day of Women’s History Month.

Alan Bullard | Musical Moments with Philip Brunelle

In this Musical Moment, VocalEssence artistic director and founder Philip Brunelle shares insider information and beautiful music by the composer Alan Bullard. Alan Bullard b.1947 Alan Bullard is a British composer known for his religious choral works featuring gorgeous melodies and rich harmonic textures. Bullard grew up in London and studied with Geoffrey Flowers and…  Read More

VocalEssence Welcome Christmas on Twin Cities PBS

This year our beloved Welcome Christmas concert is available on VocalEssence On Demand AND will be televised across Minnesota on Twin Cities PBS (TPT) three times during the peak of the holiday season, and making it available to stream on their family of platforms. Relevant dates include:  December 19th: Welcome Christmas becomes available to stream…