Health and Impact of Arts and Culture Sector in Minnesota

As the most comprehensive report ever done of the nonprofit creative sector, Creative Minnesota is a new effort to fill the gaps in available information about Minnesota’s cultural field and to improve our understanding of its importance to our quality of life and economy.  In 2015, they issued their first report.  Here are some highlights:

  • The 1,269 participating nonprofit arts and culture organizations in this study contribute $1.2 billion to our state’s economy each year.
  • Public investment in arts and culture is a catalyst that increases government revenues. $1.00 in state investment in arts and culture is matched by over $5.11 from other sources.
  • Nonprofit arts and culture organizations are substantial employers, helping out state retain talent and allowing many Minnesotans to support their families. 33,381 FTE jobs are supported by arts and culture, generating $827 million in resident household income, and serving 42,189 Minnesotan artists.
  • Arts and culture serve 19 million audience members, 43% of whom have annual household incomes under $60,000/year.
  • 2,630,677 students are served by arts and culture through 24,883 student group visits and 766,500 classes, workshops, lectures and readings delivered to people of all ages.
  • Cultural events attract new dollars and retain local dollars: non-local attendees spend 80% more than local attendees. 16 million local attendees spend $17.83 per person while 3 million non-local attendees spend $32.15 per person.