Quotes from Previous Participants

“The Talented Tenth Apprentice Program was a wonderful experience and I really felt that I improved greatly by getting a chance to perform with so many amazing and talented singers.”

“I feel that singing with VocalEssence has given me something to look forward to in my future and something to aspire to be in. My musicianship was improved just by sitting in on the rehearsal with the big group and being conducted by Mr. Brunelle.”

“I feel like I have improved a lot, especially with the way I saw all the professionals do things.”

“I feel so much more ready for a music career. I feel more professional and ready to keep learning. It was an amazing experience and I feel so privileged. The people were wonderful!”

“It was amazing to sing with such a professional group. I feel like my musicianship has improved tremendously and my sight-reading has improved immensely!”