VocalEssence WITNESS School Program

The VocalEssence WITNESS School Program is an exciting opportunity for Minnesota students and teachers to learn more about the contributions African Americans have made, and are making, to the fine arts.

In 2018-2019, VocalEssence WITNESS: Yet They Persist honors past, present, and future trailblazing African and African American women who persist against all odds to change their communities and the world. Using songs of protest and progress as the guide, this theme focuses primarily on four trailblazing women in our Twin Cities community, beginning with the life and legacy of Hallie Quinn Brown and then moving to focus on former Minneapolis mayor Sharon Sayles Belton, Minneapolis City Council member Andrea Jenkins, and MN State Representative Ilhan Omar.

The Young People’s Concerts will feature the Spelman College Glee Club, a dynamic choral ensemble from an historically black institution in Atlanta, Georgia known for the development of many prominent African-American female leaders. Spelman will perform alongside VocalEssence Teaching Artists, the VocalEssence Singers Of This Age, members of the VocalEssence Chorus, and other special guests, including video clips of interviews with Sharon Sayles Belton, Andrea Jenkins, and Ilhan Omar. VocalEssence WITNESS: Yet They Persist celebrates entrepreneurship, highlights the importance of education, and advocates for the equality of all.

Each partner school is able to take advantage of three program components that provide an enriching integrative experience for both students and teachers:

Artist Workshops
Young People’s Concerts
Teacher Resources

For more information about the school program, contact VocalEssence Program Manager Robert Graham at robert@vocalessence.org, or 612-547-1458. To sign up as a VocalEssence WITNESS Partner School, click the link below and follow the instructions to reserve your school’s spot in the program.