Lead with Love Pledge

VocalEssence singers perform at Orchestra Hall. Several singers are holding signs with letters that read "LEAD WITH LOVE." Photo credit: Kyndell Harkness
VocalEssence singers perform at Orchestra Hall. Photo credit: Kyndell Harkness

To Lead with Love is to acknowledge that everyone deserves the right to live in a world that allows them to be fully alive and thrive. Leading with love is not just a choice that we make or a mindset that we adopt, it is cultivating the practice of belovedness and hospitality each and every day.

The Lead with Love pledge is comprised of twelve statements that invite us to nurture habits of caring and connection.

I will LISTEN.
I will ENCOURAGE others to be the best versions of themselves.
I will ASK questions so I can better understand the perspectives of those around me.
I will DEEPEN my awareness of the needs that exist in our communities.

I will WORK with others to strengthen our communities.
I will INVEST my time, talents, and resources to help improve the lives of those around me.
I will TAKE TIME for reflection and TAKE ACTION when the situation calls for it.
I will HOLD OTHERS UP when they experience difficulties and disappointments.

I will LET MY VOICE BE HEARD and speak up in the face of injustice.
I will OPEN DOORS through conversation and compromise.
I will VALIDATE the differences that make us unique.
I will EMBRACE changes that allow us to better live in community with one another.

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