VocalEssence WITNESS Advisory Council

The VocalEssence WITNESS Advisory Council is a group of dedicated community leaders who advise the VocalEssence staff on the direction of the WITNESS Program and help promote the program in the community.

Chair: Traci Bransford

Marvin Anderson
Martha Arradondo
Sylvia Bartley
Stanley Brown
Tazha Buckner
James Burroughs
Eric Clark
Victoria Davis
Ashley Dubose
Jacob Gayle
Gleason Glover
Phyllis Goff*
Morris Goodwin*
Shawntera Hardy*
Valton Henderson
Samuel Ingram*
Josie Johnson*
Tricia Kaufman
Reatha Clark King
Henry Lee*
Kevin Lindsey
Chris Majors
Laverne McCartney Knighton
Rhoda Miriphiri-Reed
Maria Mitchell
Kim Nelson*
Amanda Norman
Ravi Norman*
Jonathan Palmer
Chadwick Phillips
Kimberly Price*
Joanne Reeck
Sharon Smith-Akinsanya
Lezlie Taylor
George Thompson
Annika Willis

*Auxiliary Members

For More Information

For more information about the VocalEssence WITNESS Advisory Council, please contact Ethan Johnson (ethan@vocalessence.org or 612-547-1480).