Financial Information

For 50 years, VocalEssence has been a leader in fiscal responsibility in Minnesota. We have never ended a fiscal year with a deficit.  Below are links to our recent audits and 990s.

If you have questions about our financial information, please contact:
Mary Ann Aufderheide | Executive Director

Downloadable PDF Size
VocalEssence FY2018 Audit  816 KB
VocalEssence FY2018 990  3.3 MB
VocalEssence FY2017 Audit  812 KB
VocalEssence FY2017 990  3 MB
VocalEssence FY2016 Audit  852 KB
VocalEssence FY2016 990  3 MB
VocalEssence FY2015 Audit 802 KB
VocalEssence FY2015 990 4 MB
VocalEssence FY2014 Audit 2 MB
VocalEssence FY2014 990 3 MB