In the Beginning


“In The Beginning” by Kyle Pederson

Enjoy this performance from Satan’s Fall at Central Lutheran Church on May 8, 2022, the final concert of the 2021-2022 Season.



In the beginning, God moved.
And God spoke creation into being.
And of the new creation God declared it good.
Good were the earth and the waters.
Good were the evening and the day.
Good were all living things that first drew breath,
and good were the creatures made in God’s image.

And in the beginning was the Word;
the Word would become flesh,
the Word would dwell among us.
In Him was light, in Him was life.
The light was given for us,
it overcame the darkness.
In Him was grace and truth.
And we have seen His glory.

—Kyle Pederson, b. 1971, based on Genesis 1 and John 1


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