VocalEssence WITNESS

VocalEssence WITNESS celebrates the contributions of African Americans to our shared American heritage through concerts, recordings, and school programs.

VocalEssence WITNESS is one of the nation’s premier initiatives celebrating the contributions of African Americans to our shared American heritage through concerts, recordings and comprehensive educational programs.

Please visit the VocalEssence WITNESS Program History page to learn more about the background and inspiration behind the program.

  • VocalEssence WITNESS School Program offers in-school workshops with experienced Teaching Artists for students grades 4-12, provides teachers with professional development and classroom resources and invites schools to attend the VocalEssence WITNESS Young People’s Concerts, featuring VocalEssence singers and guest artists in a professional concert hall.
  • VocalEssence WITNESS Public Concert, part of the VocalEssence season, features choral and orchestral music by African American composers or those who have been influenced by African American culture and celebrated guest artists. VocalEssence often offers other related special events bringing guest artists into the community.
  • VocalEssence WITNESS Recording Collection is a 4-volume series of compact discs that serve as an educational and historical resource showcasing a century of African American music.
  • The Reatha Clark King Award for Excellence and Youth Motivation through the Cultural Arts celebrates and recognizes outstanding leaders who are in the field empowering young people through direct contact, making a way for them to be as successful as they can be.


The National Endowment for the Arts and numerous private and corporate foundations provide annual support for VocalEssence WITNESS. To learn more about financial support for the VocalEssence WITNESS Program, please visit the donation section of our website.

For more information about VocalEssence WITNESS, contact Rob Graham, at 612-547-1458 (robert@vocalessence.org).