• Moira Smiley poses holding a banjo

Singing the World Awake Digital Concert Program

Moira Smiley, guest artist
VocalEssence Chorus
VocalEssence Ensemble Singers
VocalEssence Singers Of This Age
Sonja Thompson, piano
Philip Brunelle, conductor
G . Phillip Shoultz, III, conductor


Snow disappear! Potholes be gone! This is the month of May where we celebrated spring with a full moon–the Flower Moon–just a week ago. It is time to Sing the World Awake!
We welcome Moira Smiley–composer, arranger and performer–who will help all of us expand our imagination around the ways our voices can be used. Moira, a native of Vermont, uses folk harmonies, body percussion and polyphonic song-building to celebrate the joys of collaboration and singing together.
The sounds and colors of singing will also be heard in music that the Ensemble Singers will perform–from Denmark, Mexico, Haiti and the USA—in tantalizing ways that expand our idea of what voices can do! And woven throughout the program will be the wonderful words and music of Moira Smiley–a true American treasure!
—Philip Brunelle
Artistic Director and Founder


Moira Smiley
VocalEssence Chorus, Ensemble Singers, & Singers Of This Age
Moira Smiley
VocalEssence Ensemble Singers
José Miguel Delgado Azorín
VocalEssence Ensemble Singers
arr. Moira Smiley
Moira Smiley
Reena Esmail
VocalEssence Singers Of This Age
Moira Smiley
VocalEssence Singers Of This Age
Kyle Pederson
VocalEssence Singers Of This Age
Moira Smiley
Moira Smiley
Rollo A. Dilworth
VocalEssence Chorus & Ensemble Singers
Moira Smiley
VocalEssence Chorus, Ensemble Singers, & Singers Of This Age
John Høybye
VocalEssence Ensemble Singers
Sydney Guillaume
VocalEssence Ensemble Singers
Jake Runestad
VocalEssence Chorus
Moira Smiley
VocalEssence Chorus
Moira Smiley
Moira Smiley
arr. Moira Smiley & Alexander Lloyd Blake
VocalEssence Singers Of This Age & members of the Ensemble Singers
Moira Smiley
VocalEssence Chorus & Ensemble Singers
Moira Smiley
VocalEssence Chorus, Ensemble Singers, & Singers Of This Age
*Premiere Commission


Sing the world awake, awake!
Sing the world awake, my love!
We are not done here.
We are just begun here.
—Moira Smiley
BELLOW, Moira Smiley
Sometime, anytime you wanna bellow at the sky
Call on me, we’ll unzip the horizon with our voices
You ask me why I sing softer now.
And did the world beat me down?
‘Cause back then I sang hard, I sang proud, but where are the edges now?
Ukrainian Summer, before the revolution.
I sat at the knees of the grandmother, her daughter told me
We could lift the veil between the worlds by singing.
And we were sat outside in the dawn light of the midsummer feast, and the short night.
Singing to the dead so they bless the crop, bless the young, bless the year
This is the way we call the unknown and lift the veil to the other side.
We’re singing to break the walls down, throwing the gate open wide.
Every breath I take has been taken before, every note’s been sung.
Who can I sing them all again for?
Please don’t give up Please don’t lose that sound
So many people fought to gain that ground.
Please don’t give up
Please don’t hide your voice
So many people did not have that choice.
She told me the power of song was in the unison
She gathered her friends all around her and they pierced the sky with a call
One melody from many voices
And from then ‘til now I remember when the year is fat and full of shadows
I’m singing to the dead so they’ll bless the crop, bless the young, bless the year
—Moira Smiley
NOMES (NAMES), José Miguel Delgado Azorín
(Sung in Spanish)
The names of the places in Michoacán,
with its chatty and graceful sound:
Tsintsuntsan, Paricutín,
Sirahuen, Uruapan, Ario,
Saráracua, Cupatizsio
Tangancícuaro, Tacámbaro…
The names of the Tarascan land,
twittering of birds!
The names of the places on the bank of the river Sil
with its ancient and noble flavour:
Val de Afreixo Val de Godo,
a Pena da Moura, o Castro,
Porto Mourisco, Baxeles,
Córgomo, Castelo, Arnado,
Outarelo,, Millarouso,
Prtela, Cesures, Arcos…
The names, the names of Valdeorras,
sweet and resounding song!
—Florencio Delgado Gurriarán
ENTRA MAYO, Moira Smiley
In comes May and out goes April
I saw it come so prettily
In comes May with its flowers,
out goes April with its loves
And sweet lovers begin
to pay good service
—Cancionero de Palacio, 16th century
TāReKiTa, Reena Esmail
Sung in Indian syllabic structure
TaReKiTa is based on the bols (sounds) of the tabla,
a traditional Indian drum. The result is “ecstatic,
energetic music that feels good on the tongue.”
—Reena Esmail
KEEP ON, Moira Smiley
They killed another innocent one (Keep on, keep on walking)
Too few with too much power hurts everyone (Keep on, keep on walking)
And you know hate is so lazy! (Keep on, keep on walking)
No matter how hard, no matter how crazy (Keep on, keep on walking)
Under the sky we are living together.
No one knows why. Not the wind, not the weather.
So just be kind, kinder than you ever knew you could be!
(Be) Kinder than you ever knew.
Power wants to make us enemies (Keep on, keep on walking)
If we see this, we can stop this, you & me (Keep on, keep on walking)
And you know hate is so lazy! (Keep on, keep on walking)
No matter how hard, no matter how crazy (Keep on, keep on walking)
You pull me up (when I’m down) (Keep on, keep on walking)
You are my luck (oh, look around!) (Keep on, keep on walking)
Trouble in my mind (Keep on, keep on walking)
Gotta put it behind me and keep on walking (Keep on, keep on walking)
Keep going keep going, Oh-oop!
Who can I carry for a while?
Give me that weight for a while
Keep on, keep on walking
I’ll take that weight!
—Moira Smiley
SING CHANGE, Kyle Pederson
I’m gonna build you up,
won’t tear you down,
I’m gonna sing change.
Gonna share my joy all around,
I’m gonna sing change.
Gonna stand for you and hear your truth,
I sing change.
Gonna listen, too, help get you through,
I’m gonna sing change.
Draw the circle wide,
Come on, get inside,
Everybody sing your change.
We’ll be courageous,
It’ll be contagious,
It’ll be outrageous how far love and grace will take us.
We’ll be tenacious,
Bold and audacious,
Come on and join us, how much stronger that will make us!
Gonna sing,
Gonna march,
Gonna dance.
We’re gonna hope,
Gonna give,
Gonna love.
We share respect,
We won’t reject,
We’re gonna sing change.
Won’t hold a grudge or be your judge,
We’re gonna sing change.
We’ll take a stand and lend a hand,
We sing, change.
We don’t divide, cast you aside,
We’re gonna sing change.
We can proclaim the way where love wins the day.
We’re gonna sing change.
We can reclaim the way where peace is sustained.
Gotta sing change.
—Kyle Pederson & VocalEssence Singers Of This Age
ROTARY PHONE, Moira Smiley
Starting a new phrase.
Making a new plan
Making some new sound
Tho’ I may be burning it down
I can’t care, I can’t care, it’s on fire
Daily it burns me down
One more ring around the old oak tree, go where you’re gotta go.
And it’s one more ring around the old oak tree, oh, will you watch it
grow with me?
Will I settle down one day? I really can’t say
I’ve got a mind like a rotary phone – slow it goes up,
it’s slow coming down
Listen for some polyphonic dial-tone when you call on me.
But I’ll listen when you call me, call me, call me
I’m seeing your sweet face.
You give me your brightest smile
You give me my reason to be
Tho’ I may be gone awhile
You & me, you & me, we’re on fire
You & me, you & me, we’re on fire
Daily you burn me down.
Will you settle down one day–you really can’t say
Cuz you’ve got a mind like a rodeo–one more time round with your lasso
Listen to those wild horses when they’re calling you, calling you.
Listen for those wild horses cuz they’re calling you, calling, calling
Calling, calling, they’re calling you
Calling, calling, they’re calling me
—Moira Smiley
TRUTH, Rollo A. Dilworth
And if sun comes
How shall we greet him?
Shall we not dread him,
Shall we not fear him
After so lengthy a
Session with shade?
Though we have wept for him,
Though we have prayed
All through the night-years—
What if we wake one shimmering morning to
Hear the fierce hammering
Of his firm knuckles
Hard on the door?
Shall we not shudder?–
Shall we not flee
Into the shelter, the dear thick shelter
Of the familiar
Propitious haze?
Sweet is it, sweet is it
To sleep in the coolness
Of snug unawareness.
The dark hangs heavily
Over the eyes.
—Gwendolyn Brooks
SING ABOUT IT, Moira Smiley
It’s so sad
We don’t understand each other yet
How can this be when we’ve been living together so long?
So close to each other’s beauty?
It’s so sad. It makes me feel so bad.
I’m not gonna stand for it anymore.
Gonna sing about it
Gonna sing it when I feel like cryin’
When I’m uncomfortable & don’t know why yet
When I am guilty of the laissez-faire
My ignorance of you laid bare
I’ll talk to you before I raise my hand,
So you can call on me to make a stand.
Am I responsible?
Are you responsible?
What are we responsible for?
I’m gonna look up from my own concerns,
Reach across the chasm of what I never learned
So wide, so full of burning–your eyes are turning to me now…
saying it’s time
—it’s way past time—to step outside the echo echo echo echo…chamber
Stop pretending it’s alright, Stop pretending this is not our fight.
—Moira Smiley
How slowly the spring has been coming this year.
How slowly the wounds of the ice disappear.
How sparsely the green on the earth comes forth.
It fears a sudden chill blast from the north.
The branches that shine are quite naked and lean,
The closed little buds can hardly be seen.
There shimmers a hidden, invisible sprout
But never a rift of the green flutters out.
And how could the tiny anemones dare
To dance and to frolic on maiden feet bare—
They stand there quite scared with their heads bent down
As if it is them we would pick, so neat,
So glittering light and so fluttering sweet.
Forget that in April the snow was still here,
For now it is May—let your smiles appear.
—Tom Kristensen, translated by Martin S. Allwood and Knud K. Mogensen
THIS, TOO, SHALL PASS, Sydney Guillaume
This, too, shall pass.
Time will go on.
As time goes on
Live will prevail.
When the halls are empty
and the canvas is bare;
When the clay is unformed
and no one is there;
This, too, shall pass.
Time will go on.
We will strive
When plague is upon us
and death is in the air.
We will strive
When joy is more difficult
than sadness and despair.
When winter rages
and spring overflows;
Life will prevail.
When summer is aflame
and fall, the color goes;
Live will prevail.
Time will go on.
Time still goes
When true love is found
and the race is won.
Time still goes
When new life is born
and we see the sun.
Time will go on.
As time goes on
We can remember how to love.
This moment on
We can remember to be kind.
Time will go on
Embrace each moment.
Time will go on
Welcome each moment.
This, too, shall pass.
—Lloyd Reshard, Jr.
Angels, where you soar
Up to God’s own light,
Take my own lost bird
On your hearts tonight;
And as grief once more
Mounts to heaven and sings,
Let my love be heard
Whispering in your wings.
—A Prayer, by Alfred Noyes
REFUGEE, Moira Smiley
In your world, I’m a refugee.
In your world, danger all around me.
In your world, I must flee,
I’m not free.
Bring me shelter.
I will not harm you.
Bring me shelter, please.
Bring me shelter,
I will not harm you.
I would shelter you.
I am only what you are.
Imagine your unbreakable world was broken,
No more rules to protect you.
Who was I?
In my world I was standing strong.
In my world, my heart did belong.
And now it’s gone
There is only longing.
—Moira Smiley
ONE STEP DANCE, Moira Smiley
I just had a stranger give me everything in a single glance.
We did a one step dance, and stumbled on.
Between two blinks a lifetime shouted out its name
in a single blast—first breath to the last, and we were gone.
And I walk on because he asked me to
And I kneel down where the flickering lights of the city
rise up on the water
And I look up because I feel too much.
Am I heavy or am I weightless? Am I burdened, am I blessed
with that moment burning heavy in my chest?
In the air between us there’s a trembling
It’s an honesty—it’s an injury we’ve known too long.
Stranger, could you hold me in
your tenderness?
We can travel light in some gentle night
where we belong.
—Moira Smiley
TREAT A STRANGER RIGHT, arr. Moira Smiley & Alexander Lloyd Blake
Chorus: Everybody ought to treat a stranger right.
When they’re a long way from home.
Be mindful how you’re speaking.
Be careful how you go along.
You must always treat a stranger right.
Don’t insult them in your home. Chorus
Well all of us are strangers,
And we don’t always know what’s home.
You must never hurt your brother or sister
And cause them to pull their own. Chorus
—Blind Willie Johnson
Shall we go on?
Shall we go on together?
(oh, it’s too hard alone)
I see the seven generations looking back this way.
My daughter tells me the future’s in my hands.
My granddaughter says the future’s in my heart.
My great grandson remembers my hands.
My great granddaughter holds my heart.
Remember your heart.
—Moira Smiley
I went to the river, but the river was dry.
The dust rose up to a darkened sky.
Tell me, where is hope?
Where do the waters run clear?
I do not know my way from here.
Come, and stand in that river.
Current, gentle and slow.
Send your troubles down water.
Down on that water flow.
When you stand in that river,
Angels sing in your head.
Secrets beyond every worry
dreams beyond every dread.
Tell me, sister, brother;
Where does that river flow?
It flows down to the great water,
Where soon my people will go.
Oh, Time passes.
Passes on down the stream.
Some days are so much sweeter.
Some days pass like a dark dream…so
Come, and stand in that river.
Current, gentle and slow.
Send your troubles down water.
Down on that water flow.
—Moira Smiley


Singer and composer Moira Smiley has toured and made records with a renowned variety of artists and is regularly commissioned to write large-scale choral and chamber music works, with millions singing her choral music around the world. Moira has been featured in TED conferences, on BBC Radio and TV, NPR, ABC Australia, and live at countless venues from Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall to Walt Disney Concert Hall and Royal Festival Hall. Moira is known for enchanting audiences whether on stage, atop glaciers,
inside ships, or in cozy kitchens from Norway to Tasmania. Moira’s 2018 solo album ‘Unzip The Horizon’ premiered at the prestigious Savannah Music Festival in 2018, and she published its companion choral Songbook in 2019. In February of 2021, she released her vocal album In Our Voices featuring international VOCO collaborators. Moira recently appeared with Tune-Yards on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Live on KEXP At Home, and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.
Sonja Thompson enjoys a varied career as a chamber, church and theater musician, conductor, vocal coach, and educator. She received her formal education at the University of Minnesota and The Juilliard School, she has spent decades teaching, performing, improvising, collaborating, and assisting with the development of new works. Performing credits include solo recitals, chamber music and Art Song as well as new music, Music Theater/Opera, and programs that mix genres and styles. Recent projects include La Boheme with Theater Latte Da, Moonlit Walk Home with Nautilus Music Theater, “Transformations,” a collaborative performance combining poetry with paintings by Carolyn Brunelle and music by David Evan Thomas; a recording of piano music by David Evan Thomas; and new works of music theater.

About VocalEssence

For more than five decades, VocalEssence has provided opportunities for singers from the Twin Cities area to create incredible music together and build connections as part of the vibrant arts community in Minnesota.
VocalEssence is known for introducing audiences to music and artists who are not yet known, often welcoming guest artists, composers, and conductors who are emerging, have unknown works, or represent a variety of cultures. Welcoming all members of the greater community, VocalEssence embodies the motto: Together We Sing.
VocalEssence draws upon the power of singing together to nurture community, inspire creativity, affirm the value of all persons, and expand the influence of choral music.
Artistic Director and Founder
Philip Brunelle, artistic director and founder of VocalEssence 54 years ago, is an internationally-renowned conductor, choral scholar, and visionary. Philip has conducted symphonies, choral festivals, and operas on six continents. He holds five honorary degrees, served 9 years as Vice President of IFCM (International Federation for Choral Music), and has been recognized for his commitment to choral music by the governments of Norway, Hungary, Sweden, Mexico, and the United Kingdom. In 2019, he was awarded the American Prize in Choral Conducting and, in 2020, was given the Honorary Member Award by the Society for American Music. This fall Philip was appointed a National Arts Associate of the Sigma Alpha Iota Music Fraternity. Philip is also Organist-Choirmaster at Plymouth Congregational Church, Minneapolis. During the pandemic Philip recorded almost 300 “Musical Moments” which can be accessed HERE and his thoughts on music are at RenaissanceManpodcast.com.
Associate Artistic Director
G. Phillip Shoultz, III, associate artistic director, uses the power of the spoken word and song to foster community and inspire action among people of all ages and abilities. Phillip conducts festival choirs and leads workshops across the United States and beyond. He serves on the faculty of the University of St. Thomas and guides the ministries of worship, music, and the arts at Westwood Lutheran Church. The Minnesota Orchestra regularly engages Phillip to host their Young People’s Concerts and his online presence continues to grow as his pandemic livestream, Take 5 with GPS, rapidly approaches the 450 episode milestone. The winner of numerous honors, including the ACDA Graduate Conducting Competition and multiple Teacher of the Year awards, Phillip founded “Table for More” in the summer of 2020 to help organizations address issues related to innovation, equity, and belonging in the arts. Phillip lives in St. Louis Park with his wife, Michelle, and their two children (Malachi and Lydia Grace).
Learning and Engagement Manager
Conductor, Vintage Voices
Robert Graham is the Learning and Engagement Manager at VocalEssence where he serves as the conductor for the VocalEssence Vintage Voices choirs, and oversees the renowned VocalEssence WITNESS School Program. Robert has a Master of Music degree in both vocal performance and choral conducting from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, and a B.A. in vocal performance from Xavier University of Louisiana. Robert currently serves as a section leader of the adult choir at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Minneapolis, sings second tenor in the VocalEssence Ensemble Singers, and also performs around the Twin Cities as a solo and chamber musician.
Mary Jo Gothmann joined VocalEssence as staff accompanist in 2015. She enjoys a varied career as a chamber musician, soloist, opera coach, and organist. Mary Jo performs frequently with the Minnesota Orchestra and Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra, and is a graduate of Metropolitan Opera Lindemann Young Artist Program, University of Minnesota, New England Conservatory, and St. Olaf College. Mary Jo is the founder and Artistic Director of the Joya Chamber Music Series at Zion Lutheran Church in Anoka.
Accompanist, VocalEssence Vintage Voices
John Jensen received his music degrees in Southern California, where he attended Occidental College and University of Southern California. While there he free-lanced as a studio musician, playing on the Andy Williams show and touring the country with prominent singers through Columbia Artists Management. He moved to Iowa and taught for 15 years at Grinnell College as an artist-in-residence. In 1990, John moved to St. Paul and has played with VocalEssence, the Minnesota Orchestra, and the Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra. In November 2022, John appeared with the Yale Symphony Orchestra at Yale University to play and record a piano concerto by the late Paul Reale, for Naxos records (to be released in 2023).

VocalEssence Chorus 2022-23, photo credit-Bruce Silcox

The VocalEssence Chorus is a group of talented and enthusiastic singers from many different walks of life, united by their love of singing and community. Performing a wide variety of musical styles, premiering new works, and sharing the stage with a diverse array of guest artists, the Chorus is a welcome home for singers who wish to continue making music throughout their adult lives.
AnnaLisa Anderson
Madison Asher
Jessica Belt
Corey Cellurale
Lorinda Chagnon
Amanda Connolly
Kristina M. Guiffre
Claire Huber
Sally Jaffray
Clara Lind
Emma Marsh
Lisa Misch
Lisa D. Moncur
Mary Nyhus
Christina Pederson
Emma Schlabach
Ashley Slattery
Leah Sovick
Abbie Sulik
Dana Terres
Amanda Troolin
Jennifer Vickerman
Laura Walklet Jacobsen
Dannika Wright
Akosua Obuo Addo
Azure Anderson
Johanna Beaupre
Katelyn Belden
Grace Dokken-Smith
Susannah Eckberg
Autumn Gurgel Valentini
Marjorie Hakala
Meg Hanna
Dee Hein
Grace Alice Herbertz
Katie Kovacovich
Wenie Lado
Jessica Laven Johnson
Jeenee Lee
Rebecca Modert
Kristi Mueller
Elizabeth Neuenfeldt
Liz Raimann
Marty Raymond
Miriam Sahouani
Katie Sandsmark
Sydney Schoeberle
Forrest Schrader
Laura Tanner
Carole Whitney
Allie Wigley
Steve Aggergaard
David Ampaabeng
Jason Bendezu
Larry J. Brandts
Justin Clark
Ryan Coopergard
Ben Demaree
Martin Kulstad
Reagan Lee
Owen Metzger
Kurtis Parlin
Thomas Sasdi
Rabindra Tambyraja
Barry Tikalsky
Justin Vanni
Robert Atendido
Evan Clay Kelly
Jordan Kiffmeyer
Jacob T Koshiol
Ben Kucera
Mike LaFleur
Philip Lowry
Nicholas Mroczek
Declan O’Higgins
Milo Oien-Rochat
David Olson
Brian D. Ruhl
Anthony LeVell Sims
Trent Stenoien
Matthew Terhaar
David Toht

VocalEssence Ensemble Singers 2022-23, photo credit-Bruce Silcox

The VocalEssence Ensemble Singers have established an international reputation because of their extensive catalog of recordings and broad range of unique repertoire. This chamber choir, whose members hail from a wide variety of professions, is bound together by their skilled artistry to create what The Times of London has described as a “flawless” sound.
Jennifer Bevington
Elsa Buck
Chloe Johnson
JoAnna E. Johnson
Natalia Romero Arbeláez
Margaret Sabin
Mari Scott
Carey Shunskis
Robin Joy Helgen
Alyssa Impullitti
Patty Kramer
Marita Link
Anna George Meek
Judith McClain Melander
Erin Smith Peters
Kristina Rodel Sorum
Peter Aldrich
Elijah Baumgartner
Will Berendsen
Ben Brunnette
Anders Eckman
Robert J. Graham
Nicholas Mattsson
Bill Pederson
Jimmy Deignan
Joseph Ellickson
David Gindra
Joe Kastner
Erik Krohg
Nathan Petersen-Kindem
Dr. Michael P. Schmidt
Timothy Takach

VocalEssence Singers Of This Age, photo credit: Kyndell Harkness

The VocalEssence Singers Of This Age (VESOTA) is a community of Twin Cities teenagers engaged in expanding what it means to be a choir and, encouraging a wider circle of participation in the artform. Presenting music ranging from classical to hip-hop, they use creativity and collaboration to build an accepting community, equipped with the skills to lead social change in our society.
Alice Weiland
Anastasia Pihvagah
Anna Delaney
Alyssa Witty
Ash Kansara
Avery Somdahl
Cam Sisson
Curtis Ying
Dede Jones
Ella Wright
Elizabeth (Moxie) Tucker
Emi Sisson
Ethan Cheng
Henrik Mills
Isa Benegas
Jadesola (Ghost) Olatunde
Jer Vang
Jerilyn Moya-Hypolite
Jerusha (Ru) Burdette
Josh Ramirez
Kaija Halvorson
Kayla Gibson
Krista Hines
Lela Sabin
Lily Hiebert
Lotus Deuel
Mahagony Robinson
Natalie Goodman
Raegan Brogden
Ricquelle Miles
Ruby Atkins
Skylar Bandelin
Ursula Beitz

VocalEssence Vintage Voices 2, photo credit Kyndell Harkness
VocalEssence Vintage Voices, Photo Credit: Kyndell Harkness

VocalEssence Vintage Voices is an exciting choral program that integrates the arts into the everyday lives of older adults. Guided by a desire to create a welcoming atmosphere and remove barriers for participation, these choirs sing to build community, combat loneliness and isolation, and improve physical and emotional wellbeing.

VocalEssence Board of Directors and Staff

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Donald Mitchell*
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*In remembrance
Philip Brunelle
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G. Phillip Shoultz, III
Associate Artistic Director
Robert Graham
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John Jensen
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Azure Anderson
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Mary Ann Aufderheide
Executive Director
Jeff Bina
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Rhiannon Fiskradatz
Learning and Engagement Manager
Laura Holst
Development and Marketing Associate
Ethan Johnson
Director of Artistic Operations
Amanda Timmer
Director of Marketing and Communications
Elissa Weller
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