Welcome Christmas Carol Contest Winners 1998-2013

2013: Carols with piano

William V. Malpede (West Hollywood, CA) Sound Over All Waters 
Dale Trumbore (Los Angeles, CA) Ring Out, Ye Bells!  

2012: Carols with concert C flute

David Biedenbender (Ann Arbor, MI) This Night
Sheena Phillips (Trenton, NJ) The Christmas Bird

2011: Carols for men’s voices (TTBB) accompanied by English horn

James Kallembach (Chicago, IL) That Yönge Child
Robert Sieving (Minnetonka, MN) O Stella de Bethlehem

2010: Carols with handbell accompaniment

J. David Moore (St. Paul, MN) I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day
Mark Shepperd (Woodbury, MN) Come Join Their Song 

2009: Carols with viola

Michael J. Glasgow (Raleigh, NC) Welcome the King
Robert Sieving (Minnetonka, MN) See Amid the Winter's Snow 

2008: Carols with French horn

Scott Ethier (Astoria, NY) A Mother's Carol
Peter Hilliard (Roslyn, PA) Christ's Nativity 

2007: Carols with celeste

Matthew Brown (Los Angeles, CA) Sweet was the Song
Stephen Main (San Francisco, CA) The Darkest Midnight in December 

2006: Carols with solo acoustic guitar

Diego Luzuriaga (Ardmore, PA.) Un Nacimiento (A Nativity Scene)
John Rommereim (Grinnell, IA) Calm on the Listening Ear of Night 

2005: Carols with solo cello

Paul Gibson (Downey, CA) It Fell Upon the High Midnight
Jocelyn Hagen (Minneapolis, MN) See Amid the Winter Snow 

2004: Carols with solo recorder

Keith Bradshaw (Lexington, VA.) Soft, the Light
James Sclater (Clinton, MS) Piping Carol 

2003: Carols with solo instrumental accompaniment

Thomas Fielding (Bloomington, IA.) Behold the Dark and Bitter Night
Alan Higbee (Beechwood, OH) In the Bleak Midwinter 

2002: Carols with percussion accompaniment

Mary Lynn Place Badarak Brightest and Best
Paul Lohman Angels Heard on High

2001: Carols with string orchestra accompaniment

Clive Muncaster Shepherds, Shake Off Your Drowsy Sleep
Sergey Khvoshchinsky The Christmas Silence

2000: Carols with harp accompaniment

Brian Holmes The Shepherd and the King
Emily Maxson Porter I Sing the Birth

1999: Carols with audience participation

Robert A.M. Ross What Child Is This?
Jonathan Santore This Holy Christmas Night

1998: Carols for a cappella chorus

Joan Griffith Sweet Noel
Richard Voorhaar The Virgin's Cradle Hymn