Congratulations from Tim Sharp, Executive Director of ACDA

On behalf of the American Choral Directors Association, the national professional organization for choral directors, teachers, researchers, and industry members, I would like to congratulate VocalEssence on their 50th Anniversary, and on the occasion of this very special retrospective choral concert. Your exemplary artistic work and the mission of VocalEssence represent the very highest ideals set forth by our association and we are honored that you have been trailblazers for the choral art throughout your incredible legacy.

At the American Choral Directors Association, it is my job to lead our professional association in the pursuit of excellence in choral music education, performance, composition, and advocacy. In each pillar of this mission, VocalEssence stands out as a national leader and international catalyst for the initiatives of our association. Philip, you have proven yourself through the ranks of international choral leadership and as a professional citizen of first rank. You and the institution you founded in VocalEssence use your position and influence to help mentor singers and new audiences to the very best in choral music education, performance, composition, and advocacy.

In the last few years, I have been able to work very closely with you, and, as a result, I am a better choral leader and a more enlightened choral listener. This is a true statement for anyone and everyone that comes into the presence of VocalEssence. As an arts leader in the Twin Cities, VocalEssence is a genuine collaborator, innovator, and mentor for other choral professionals. You embrace each new program with a solid view of intelligent planning, artistic expression, open-minded exchange, hard work, sustainable action, and an eye toward innovation. I have had the opportunity to observe your performances first-hand and I consider you one of the strongest choral organizations in our profession. Your name has become synonymous with choral music excellence internationally.

Congratulations in this significant moment of your history, and thank you for your artistry.


Tim Sharp, Executive Director
American Choral Directors Association