A Word from Our Conductors – April 2020

Artistic Director Philip Brunelle and Associate Conductor | Learning and Engagement Director G. Phillip Shoultz, III are finding inspiration from so many places during this time. Read a few words from them below.

Philip Brunelle

I have found these words from Dr. Randall Bradley, Professor Church Music at Baylor University very uplifting: “I long for the day when choirs sing again, when burdens are shared with real pulsing bodies in close proximity to our own, when the mysterious act of singing together in congregation and choir is again normal.  Furthermore, I am hopeful that when this day comes again, and I know it will, I, and you, will approach these experiences as the grace gift that they are and have always been.”

G. Phillip Shoultz, III

“The more we sing together the happier we’ll be;

for your friends are my friends,

and my friends are your friends.”

After sharing this familiar children’s song on a recent edition of Take 5 with GPS, I realized how true these words ring. All around the world, people are still singing together— from balconies to neighborhoods and online sing-a-longs to livestream performances with our favorite artists. Our resolve to sing together is strong and the songs we share bind us together into a beautiful tapestry of support, compassion, encouragement, and love for our fellow human beings. Singing together may look different, but it is vital component of wellness that can encourage and sustain us during these uncertain times.  So, I encourage you to pick up your phone and SING. Open your front door and SING. Stand over your grill and SING. Go to your local park and SING. And while we must maintain our physical distance from one another, let us remember that our voices will fill in that void and unite our hopes for health and sentiments for safety into a beautiful expression of human solidarity.