MEET OUR MUSIC MAKERS: Ensemble Singer Robert C. Smith Is Excited About ‘Unknown’ in Dreams of the Fallen

Robert C. Smith

Robert C. Smith

The VocalEssence Chorus is an exceptional group of 90 talented, committed singers from many walks of life—doctors, lawyers, nurses, educators, homemakers, business people and others—most with college-level or higher training in classical music and voice. Our 32-voice professional choir, the VocalEssence Ensemble Singers, is known as one of Minnesota’s most highly trained and experienced group of singers.

Here is a peek at one of the singers you will see and hear at the next VocalEssence concert:

Robert C. Smith
Ensemble Singer, bass, with VocalEssence for 20 years

Occupation: Professor at St. Olaf College

What’s currently on your playlist?
“Truthfully, I am kind of a snob about fidelity, so I prefer listening to actual CDs (or even LPs) as opposed to lower-quality compressed files. I do have a playlist for less serious listening, like the gym, however. That currently includes Roberta Gambarini, Susan Graham, Silk Road Ensemble, Jerry Douglas, Sixth Wave, New York Polyphony, Lorraine Hunt, Eva Cassidy, Elly Ameling, Irish Chamber Orchestra, Agnes Baltsa.”

Which VocalEssence performance are you most looking forward to this season?
“It is a great season, so everything interests me, truthfully. Having said that, I am particularly excited about the ‘unknown,’ i.e. Jake Runestad’s new piece, Dreams of the Fallen. Jake is such a fine composer and a terrific guy. I can’t wait to dig into his music.”