Music for a Grand Cathedral Questions Answered

Thank you to the 147 people who took the Music for a Grand Cathedral Survey. The VocalEssence staff analyzes the results and uses the information to plan for better performances in the future. Below is a summary of the results.

  • A third of attendees were attending their very first VocalEssence concert, and another third attend VocalEssence concerts more than three times per year.
  • More than two-thirds of attendees (68%) attended the concert to “be moved or inspired,” and a third of attendees attended “to relax or escape.”
  • The ranking of the “emotional response” to the concert was on average 4.2 on a scale of 1-5. This is a high rating for a performance.
  • 87% of people spoke with others about the performance after the concert. This indicates that the concert will stick will them for a longer time.
  • In a 1-5 scale for how welcome the audience members felt at the concert, 95% gave a score of 3 or higher, with 66% giving the highest score of a 5.
  • We had a number of questions about the concert including questions about the acoustics and the movement of the singers. Watch the video above to hear the artistic staff answer the questions.

Happy Comments from Audience Members

  • “Everyone we encountered was friendly and helpful. Not just the ushers and ticket takers.”
  • “The day after another national tragedy, it was fitting to come to a place of peace and joy, along with a cathedral full of fellow music lovers. Then to end with the magnificent pipe organ and “Beautiful Savior” brought tears of joy. Today this out shined the evil in this world. I’m so very grateful.”
  • “At the end of a very stressful news week, it felt good to be surrounded by sacred music in a sacred space with others who were likewise focused on the power of the voice to transform us all.”
  • “The wholesome, respectful, poised appearance and behavior of the St. O chorus members gave me goose bumps….gave me hope for a bright future of the world!”
  • “The music was glorious. Thank you! Thank you especially for the Ole Choir. The cathedral is a great venue for the music presented. I needed a bit more joy and uplifting inspiration, but who knew it would be such a horrible preceding week?”
  • “Even the gentleman sitting next to us was welcoming and warm, and obviously, a fan of VocalEssence. Hearing such soaring, intricate music in the Cathedral made it even more enthralling. Inspiring!”