Over the River and Through the Woods

Order from Gothic Records

VocalEssence, Garrison Keillor and The Hopeful Gospel Quartet

On November 23, 2004, the Hopeful Gospel Quartet — Garrison Keillor, Mollie O’Brien and Robin & Linda Williams — traded musical moments with the VocalEssence Chorus and Ensemble Singers in a concert at Orchestra Hall, Minneapolis. The evening seamlessly blended American folk traditions with choral masterpieces old and new, from “Will the Circle Be Unbroken” to “Now Thank We All Our God.” Garrison Keillor shared his Thanksgiving memories in a hilarious yet poignant monologue. Thanks to Minnesota Public Radio, the evening was captured for posterity in this charming two-CD set.

Disc One
1 Will the Circle Be Unbroken (Hopeful Gospel Quartet)
2 Goodbye to My Uncles (Garrison Keillor)
3 Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing (Hopeful Gospel Quartet)
We Gather Together (VocalEssence Chorus)
4 Walking in the Spirit (Hopeful Gospel Quartet)
5 Welcome (Garrison Keillor)
6 For the Beauty of the Earth (Audience)
7 I Am a Pilgrim (Hopeful Gospel Quartet)
8 Pursuit of Happiness (VocalEssence Ensemble Singers)
9 Morning Has Broken (Audience)
10 He’s Right on Time (Hopeful Gospel Quartet)
11 A Psalm (Garrison Keillor)
12 Zion’s Walls (VocalEssence Chorus)
13 Rivers of Babylon (Hopeful Gospel Quartet)
14 O Herbst (VocalEssence Ensemble Singers)
15 Calling My Children Home (Hopeful Gospel Quartet)
16 Another Psalm (Garrison Keillor)
17 Praise, O Praise the Great Creator (VocalEssence Chorus)
18 Couldn’t Keep It to Myself (Hopeful Gospel Quartet)
19 An Anthem for Thanksgiving (VocalEssence Chorus)
How Happy I Am (Hopeful Gospel Quartet)
20 Thanksgiving Recollections (Garrison Keillor)
21 Thanks Be to God (VocalEssence Chorus)
Disc Two
1 El Hambo (VocalEssence Ensemble Singers)
You Don’t Knock (Hopeful Gospel Quartet)
Light from the Lighthouse (Hopeful Gospel Quartet)
2 A Thanksgiving to God, for His House (VocalEssence Ensemble Singers)
3 Monologue (Garrison Keillor)
4 Schubert: Psalm 23 (VocalEssence Ensemble Singers)
5 How Great Thou Art (Hopeful Gospel Quartet & Chorus)
6 Now Thank We All Our God (Audience)
7 Irish Heartbeat (Hopeful Gospel Quartet & Chorus)