20- to 30-somethings Meet Up & Make Music: Learn more about what Resonate is doing in the community.

There is a group of young professionals in the Twin Cities who envision a world where choral music resonates with all people. And while they pursue a broad range of vocations and hail from a variety of locations, they are united by their love of choral music and are on a mission to engage the next generation in their beloved art.

They are Resonate, and this energetic and innovative group is ready to unleash some exciting events this season. While VocalEssence is the umbrella organization for Resonate, perhaps the group best brands itself: “We are 20- and 30-something choral music lovers who want to sing, socialize and savor good choral music. Our events include community sings, drinks with composers, choral concerts and just plain old social time with fellow singers and choral music lovers. Choral people – choral geeks.”

After a planning retreat in August led by Resonate’s outgoing president, composer and conductor Jake Runestad, a VocalEssence Chorus Member, the group has outlined a roster of activities, events and service projects they hope will inspire like-minded souls to engage with them in the adventure of collective singing­ – or the appreciation of it.

So, what’s on tap?

Two of Resonate’s larger events are connected with VocalEssence concerts: a post-concert party with Dessa, Jocelyn Hagen and Andy Thompson after the Made in Minnesota performance on October 26, and a happy hour tied to the performance of Jake Heggie’s The Radio Hour in March.

Of course, it won’t be all parties and play, as the community-minded group works some service in with song in a series of projects they still are defining. Some smaller outings including caroling at nursing homes and other venues you might expect, but keep an eye peeled at the lake or your favorite walking or biking trail­ — you never know where they might show up!

Why do they Resonate?

We’ll let a few Resonate members, who also happen to be VocalEssence Chorus Members, tell you why they participate.

  • Elwyn Fraser: “I resonate for the peculiarly overwhelming overtone(s) of surreal palpable inspiration found only in a shared choral experience, and the lifelong personal bonds/transformations those said overtone(s) can bring.” 
  • Brandee Polson: “I resonate because I want to build choral community, engage the next generation of choral enthusiasts, and expose new audiences to the joy of choral music.”
  • Jake Runestad: “I resonate because singing unites us in the creation of beauty.”
  • Ruth Torkelson: “I resonate because singing creates instant community, and we welcome all singers and choral music lovers to join in!”

Membership in Resonate is open to everyone and is free. The group meets monthly and is seeking new members. For more information on upcoming Resonate events and meetings or to join, like them on Facebook or email resonate@vocalessence.org.