Tales & Tunes Questions Answered

Thank you to the people who took the Tales & Tunes Survey. This is our first Tales & Tunes event, and we appreciate you taking the time to give us feedback. The VocalEssence staff analyzes the results and uses the information to plan for better performances in the future. Below is a summary of the results.

  • 19% of attendees were attending their very first VocalEssence event.
  • The top two reasons for attending the event were: “to spend quality time with family members” and “to expose others to the artistic experience.”
  • A majority of people felt welcome at the event. On a 1-5 scale for how welcome the audience members felt at the concert, 100% gave a score of 3 or higher, with 88% giving the highest score of a 5.
  • The majority of children were ages 3 to 5 (65%) and 0 to 2 (65%).
  • According to the survey responses, the event will be remembered by children and their adults long after the event. This was shown by the percent of children who became fully absorbed during the event (88% giving it a 3 or higher), the percent of children who engaged in creative activities or imaginative play inspired by the event (92%), and the percent of adults who talked about the experience with others after the event (76%).


  • “Everyone was very welcoming and child friendly. I saw staff talk to children and use child friendly language. One person helped a child find a lost parent with great calm and ease- it was obvious the child was comfortable.”
  • “Smiling faces, open space, instructions from the director that our children could be free to move, sing, dance or whatever else they needed.”
  • “My children sang the song they created during the lullaby session the next day while getting ready, brushing their teeth and getting dressed really fast. As a parent, that was great!”
  • “It was lovely to have both the adult singers and the teenagers perform – that is AWE-some to our little ones. They want to be in a choir someday soon, and your example is a great one to them. Having the book pages on a screen was a great idea – Nancy Carlson is a family favorite and we would not have missed this event!”
  • “The lullabies that were chosen were diverse and represented many cultures. They were also well planned. I love how we sang lullabies that were then featured in beautiful choir versions. Very cool! Great mix of activities–doodling, singing, imagining. Appreciated the short sessions, too!”