Singer Pen Pal Initiative

VocalEssence is excited to launch the Singer Pen Pal Initiative, a program that pairs members of our adult VocalEssence Chorus & Ensemble Singers with singers from one of our three older adult Vintage Voices choirs.

The VocalEssence Vintage Voices program sends a professional conductor and pianist into a senior community to create choirs that promote positive health benefits, not only through singing, but also through social connectedness. However, due to the spread of COVID-19, rehearsals and performances for our Vintage Voices choirs are cancelled or postponed, leaving our singers without their much needed community. This is especially troubling because for many older adults, especially those who already experience higher degrees of isolation or loss, physical distancing may have them feeling anxious or alone.

VocalEssence wants to combat that loneliness by connecting our singing communities together. Starting this April, our singers will share their experiences through letters, emails, phone calls, or video chats to create bonds across generations. Participating singers will be encouraged to consider some of the following prompts when drafting their letters, such as:

  • share stories about favorite musical experiences (as a performer, or audience member)
  • share memories about favorite pieces of music sung/learned, and characteristics about the music that describe what they like about it.
  • what is your favorite band, ensemble, orchestra, choir?
  • what are some songs and/or poems that have helped you get through challenging times in your life?
  • who do you look up to for inspiration?
  • what inspires you to maintain hope?

Interested in being a pen pal with an older adult singer? Contact Vintage Voices conductor Robert Graham at