Elder Learning

VocalEssence Vintage Voices Takes Singing Back Home

This September, VocalEssence Vintage Voices conductor Rob Graham has been visiting the homes of older adult singers from Sabathani Community Center in South Minneapolis. At a safe distance and accompanied by Sabathani Community Center Senior Program Director Georgia Marinkov-Omorean, Rob has been greeting them with a friendly visit as well as gifting them a care…  Read More

Vintage Voices Rehearsals Now Virtual

Our Vintage Voices program for older adults has joined the virtual world. Conductor Robert Graham is now leading members from the Trillium Woods Chorale and Parkshore Singers in both rehearsals and social gatherings on Zoom every two weeks.  These same activities will begin this summer with the Sabathani Vintage Voices, our flagship ensemble of the Vintage Voices program. This is in addition to…  Read More

Singer Pen Pal Initiative

VocalEssence is excited to launch the Singer Pen Pal Initiative, a program that pairs members of our adult VocalEssence Chorus & Ensemble Singers with singers from one of our three older adult Vintage Voices choirs. The VocalEssence Vintage Voices program sends a professional conductor and pianist into a senior community to create choirs that promote positive…  Read More

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